This is the part where we get to know your business – its vision and requirements.

An online questionnaire will help us gain an initial snapshot of your thoughts, as well as a high level view of the product opportunity and/or the problem we need to solve.

Our team then take a deep dive into your responses to formulate some initial assumptions and thoughts, which will provide the basis of a preliminary business model canvas.

We take this approach for two key reasons:

  • To get everyone on the same page from day one.
  • To create what we call the ‘straw man brief’ to tackle the challenge ahead.


Business model canvas

A blueprint for your strategy, it articulates how the strategy will be implemented through organisational structures, processes, and systems.

Product strategy

A reference point on the product vision, aligning the team around the inputs and outputs, as well as creating shared context.

Product market fit

A clear hypothesis addressing one or more significant value propositions. This will define your customers’ current needs, foresee future needs, and detail how you will build product credibility.

Product validation plan

A plan for how your product will be validated is critical – it reduces risk and unforeseen issues within the future stages of the project.

What we do

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