The solutions and ideas identified as priorities in the previous Concepts & Ideas stage are mapped out as key features of the product. We design the functionality from a user and technical perspective into wireframes, user interface designs and information architecture.

We apply best practice techniques to recommend the technical and platform requirements of the project. This allows us to scope and size the development of a minimal viable product (MVP).



A clickable prototype turns the product into a tangible artefact, allowing further concepts to be tested and a wider team evaluation of the solution.

Solution architecture

A product specification is developed, relating to the use and implementation of technology, referencing the prototype and MVP features and mapping out the business rules in detail.

Detailed design

Product designs are developed in PSDs, XD and/or Sketch. If possible, the prototype will be skinned with these designs.

Product roadmap and sizing

A product roadmap is developed, which describes each of the features, aligns stakeholders on outcomes and provides the detail that underpins the project plan and budget.

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