Working in 2-4 week sprint cycles our team of software engineers use lean agile design and development techniques to rapidly deliver a viable product to market.

Our project manager is at the helm, managing the development schedule and sprint plans. Delivery is on track and milestones are met through on-going communication and client review points at the end of each sprint cycle.

The result – fast, agile delivery of a viable product to market.



Product roadmap

The product vision and strategy, along with your functional product brief, will be used to create a development roadmap.

Engineering and design resources

We engage a team that’s aligned with your budget and timeframe for the products to be ‘in-market’.

Pilot management and BETA launch

Starting with the MVP, we deliver products in iterative sprints, with consistent releases allowing constant value to be realised. We will also rebalance expectations, budget, and timing as required.

Product marketing plan

We create a detailed plan outlining specific objectives and timeframes to successfully introduce and promote your product in the marketplace.

What we do

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