Our multi-disciplinary teams will lead you through our product design process, which involves a series of collaborative, interactive exercises to determine:

  • User personas
  • Long-term goals
  • Potential problems to be aware of
  • Questions we need answered
  • Assumptions to test and key people/groups to focus on.

Once the above is completed we move into defining user journeys. This focuses our attention on problem solving for the people/groups identified. From here, we can storyboard solutions and collectively select the best ideas to sketch out into a realistic prototype.


Workflows and user journeys

A clickable prototype turns the product into a tangible artefact, allowing further concepts to be tested and a wider team evaluation of the solution.

Technology strategy

A plan is developed, which covers functional requirements, high-level system design and software choices. Third party integrations are also identified.

Brand model and design

For new product concepts, we can facilitate the development of your brand model and brand identity.

User testing

We evaluate the product by testing our hypotheses, the workflows and user journeys on real users.

What we do

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