Our digital transformation process contains five logical stages for designing and developing successful digital products.

We do this through a suite of workshops, using exercises and tools to verify whether your product has good market-fit, if a feature is worth including, or if your value proposition is relevant.

Our approach is based on design thinking concepts, it focuses on collaboration, and draws on collective experience of both teams to map out the product strategy.

Stage 01

Vision & validation

We deep dive into your business to gain a high level view of the product opportunity or problem we need to solve.


Stage 02

Concepts & ideas

We unpack the problem and begin the process of designing your product.

Stage 03

Plan & scope

We get into the technical nitty gritty, developing a prototype, UI designs and a product development roadmap.


Stage 04

Go to market

It’s time to build! The estimate is approved and sprint plans are confirmed. Our project manager and development team are ready to go.

Stage 05

Sustain & grow

We help with your pre-launch requirements, including final testing and infrastructure readiness. Once live we can remain part of your product team, helping to sustain, refine and grow your product.