Employee Matters, the company responsible for the concept, came to us with a vision – to create an online, interactive, engaging, and easy-to-use tool that would support HR leaders in meeting the everyday challenges of today’s workplace. Litigation risk is significantly higher and more common, leaving companies vulnerable with additional risks that can be mitigated with the correct procedures and resources in place. This tool’s key aim is to reduce such risk, thereby safeguarding the company and it’s people.

HR leaders needed a tool that could not only diagnose and assess compliance against the 9 steps of the Employee Lifecycle, but to pin point issues and mitigate risk, measure the impact of HR activities and define operational drivers for workplace success. The challenge was to create a program that provided real, tangible insights into the workplace with clear direction/steps on how these insights could be resolved to better the company. Presenting detailed, customised reports and managing the significant amount of data was a key challenge in this project.


Natasha Hawker


“Vector 5 have been a pleasure to work with on our product development journey. They possess a valuable combination of technical and business skills, collaborating well with our team to extend the vision for what’s possible. A genuine partner in our business success.”

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Employee Matters

Employee Metrics

Many HR leaders do not have a benchmark in terms of their company’s HR compliance and practices. Employee Metrics is an HR assessment tool designed to provide detailed insights into workplace practices. Lead by an experienced HR Consultant, the assessment assists you to generate a detailed appraisal of your position across the 9 steps of the Employee Lifecycle.


EdTech Solutions


Most technologies don’t accurately capture student activity data within existing platforms. LASOR is an easy to use solution allowing educators to integrate alternative technology into their LMS & MOOC platforms to continuously improve student performance, reporting and course quality.


Optimus Australia

Optimus IQ

Optimus IQ demystifies system integration and management to a practical user-friendly framework to provide enterprises and service owners line of sight of their ITSM services. It is a uniquely dynamic method of rapidly ‘modelling’ a Service Organisation – from the business tip to its technical core. Optimus IQ enables companies to build structure around the lifecycle of IT services, from creation to management and upkeep.