The RASE dashboard is an analytics tool that visualises students’ LMS activity by defined attributes and categories.

While our current in-market solution measures students according to time spent in resource, activity, support, and evaluation tasks, these attributes can easily be redefined to meet any university’s requirements.

Client: Vector 5

Employee Metrics

We built an HR assessment tool that is used to rapidly identify an organisation’s status across nine HR risk categories, enabling companies to prioritise and maintain confidence in their HR investment.

Client: Employee Matters 
Project website: Employee Metrics

Optimus IQ

Optimus IQ demystifies system integration and management to a practical, user-friendly framework. This provides enterprises and service operators a line of sight to their ITSM services. In short, Optimus IQ enables companies to build structure around the lifecycle of IT services, from creation to management and upkeep.

Client: Optimus Australia
Project website: Optimus IQ

Research Analytics

An online research performance metrics system for a Go8 university that takes data from external and enterprise sources to display metrics on research activity and bibliometric performance undertaken by current university researchers.

The system has been designed to provide academics with a view of research performance at a faculty, school, and individual level. This enables transparent, data-driven conversations, facilitates collaboration, and encourages interdisciplinary research and network groupings by displaying publicly available information from multiple data sources in one system.

Client: UNSW Sydney
Project website: Boris