Vector 5 creates digital solutions that transform your business and help you identify opportunities.

We’re proudly agnostic, meaning we don’t focus on one particular industry sector, and we certainly don’t try to predict your future.

Instead we look to you and your vision to help us understand the important technology changes you want to achieve for your business.

To make it happen, we systematically analyse the opportunity or problem you face. This informs the process of designing and building a new application, or analysing and upgrading an old one.

Why do we get up in the morning?

The answer is simple… to help you deliver the digital transformation change your business needs.


How we can help

Our digital transformation model is designed to help you at any stage of your product development journey.

I don't know where to begin

Begin with a conversation.

It’s not uncommon to find our clients caught up in trying to solve a specific problem in isolation, without stepping back and understanding how an individual issue fits into the larger landscape, or contributes to a larger strategy/operational goal.

That’s why we begin with a holistic business conversation with you. We want to be certain that any data strategy or recommendations we make are going to benefit you and your entire business.

My data is in different locations and databases

No problem.

We have lots of experience with Big Data and architecture design. Most of our clients have data sets in multiple locations and database schemas. We specialise in bringing everything together, interrogating your metrics for quality and usability, then globalising your data so you can compare apples to apples.

We also work with you to ensure that the visual reporting is contextually relevant to your business objectives. 

My data is good, but it's all in Excel sheets
We consider Excel to be the ideal primer for delivering enhanced insights into your business.  As you have taken the time to build in the business rules and populate the data, we can assist you to take your metrics to the next level.
I don’t trust my data enough to base my business decisions on it
You're absolutely not alone.
Chances are your current data is not giving you the complete picture you need to make confident and informed decisions. Vector 5 can assist you in developing a plan to improve your data quality, and ensure that the right data is used in the correct way to give you visibility across your business.
Can you work within my existing systems and technologies?
We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic in our approach to data and system integration. We will work with what you have to get you what you need.