We bring technology, data, and experience together to deliver intelligently designed digital products.

Whether you’re looking to improve an existing product or service or launch a new product, we help you abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation through digital transformation.


  • Data analytics and strategy
  • Market research and product development
  • Application architecture and delivery
  • Commercial testing and ongoing support

What we do

Our digital transformation model offers powerful tools for understanding, designing, reworking, and implementing next generation business applications.

Working within your budget and requirements, we focus resources where they will have the biggest impact for your products and people.

Our work

We design data driven digital applications with a product and customer focus.


Employee Matters

Employee Metrics

Many HR leaders lack benchmarks when it comes to their company’s HR compliance and practices.

Employee Metrics is a HR assessment tool designed to provide detailed insights into workplace practices. Led by an experienced HR consultant, the assessment assists you to generate a detailed appraisal of your position across the nine steps of the employee lifecycle.

Vector 5


Conduct an instant review and benchmarking of your LMS and Learning Application ecosystem usage to determine efficacy, best practices and strategies for optimisation. The RIGOR platform extracts the engagement data from hundreds of LMS and Learning Applications and presents the data in instantly insightful visual formats, aligned with your institution’s pedagogic framework.


Optimus Australia

Optimus IQ

Optimus IQ demystifies system integration and management. It creates a practical, user-friendly framework to provide enterprises and service operators a line of sight to their ITSM services. Optimus IQ enables companies to build structure around the lifecycle of IT services, from creation to management and upkeep.



Lyndal Stuart

Head of Marketing Communications

Vector 5 helped us roadmap a digital solution for the here and now, and into the future, presenting a picture for developers of a platform that filters and publishes content across numerous topics of interest and user groups. They delivered. I highly recommend working with the team at Vector 5.



Patrick Stoddart

Formerly Head of Educational Technology

Vector 5 established a learning analytics service that ranged from small to large scale deployment, leveraging appropriate cloud based architectures and affordances. The service acted in many ways as the glue holding the other disparate systems together into a unified and supported end-to-end workflow chain.

UNSW Sydney


Natasha Hawker


Vector 5 have been a pleasure to work with on our product development journey. They possess a valuable combination of technical and business skills, collaborating well with our team to extend the vision for what’s possible. A genuine partner in our business success.

Employee Matters Pty Ltd