Case Study

Employee Metrics

Case Study

Employee Metrics

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We delivered Employee Metrics, an HR assessment tool designed to provide detailed insights into workplace practices.


Employee Matters, the company responsible for the concept, came to us with a vision – to create an online, interactive, engaging, and easy-to-use tool that would support HR leaders in meeting the everyday challenges of today’s workplace. Litigation risk is significantly higher and more common, leaving companies vulnerable with additional risks that can be mitigated with the correct procedures and resources in place. This tool’s key aim is to reduce such risk, thereby safeguarding the company and it’s people.

HR leaders needed a tool that could not only diagnose and assess compliance against the 9 steps of the Employee Lifecycle, but to pin point issues and mitigate risk, measure the impact of HR activities and define operational drivers for workplace success. The challenge was to create a program that provided real, tangible insights into the workplace with clear direction/steps on how these insights could be resolved to better the company. Presenting detailed, customised reports and managing the significant amount of data was a key challenge in this project.


We took Employee Metrics through our four key stages to successful software product design and delivery. For each stage we’ve developed a suite of workshops, templates and tools that underpin this lifecycle.


We discovered that HR leaders are not reporting accurately in the workplace. There are too many areas to focus on and key issues are getting missed. This is mostly due to lack of resources and access to real data that can be utilised to generate positive change and lead strategic conversations to make change.

This confirmed the tool needed to make the whole process quick and easy for its users. The product needed to equip HR leaders with the data they required to lead change and be the key change drivers in the workplace. We needed to present the steps on how to fix issues arising in the report to help motivate and drive action. The tool needed to provide this data in a clear, direct, attractive, customised and comprehensive manner.


Through the four step process we delivered:

  • A defined product market fit hypothesis.
  • A product vision and value proposition.
  • A clear validation strategy and testing process.
  • A functional, user friendly prototype.
  • A distinct brand identity.
  • A detailed software development plan, i.e. Product Delivery Roadmap.
  • Pilot management and Beta launch of the product.
  • A Product Marketing Plan.
  • Training and onboarding to BAU to key stakeholders.
  • A Product Strategy.
  • Ongoing technical support.

The end result – we built a useful, easy-to-use platform that will have a positive impact on HR leaders in today’s workplace.

The experience helped the team at Employee Metrics work through and plan for potential barriers, work towards a unified product vision and key operational objectives, as well as forge a clear path moving forward with the product. The team learnt to work more collaboratively together with a rejuvenated desire to be key drivers to change in the HR industry.

The success of this process rested on the client’s participation and direct involvement in the solution to the product’s workflow. We built something that would impact companies at large, providing a tool that could help test new possibilities, challenge existing processes and start the conversation for change.

Natasha Hawker
Director, Employee Matters Pty Ltd

Vector 5 have been a pleasure to work with on our product development journey. They possess a valuable combination of technical and business skills, collaborating well with our team to extend the vision for what’s possible. A genuine partner in our business success.