We bring an intuitive and business-centric approach to data conversations and activation.

Advance your businesses performance.

We bring an intuitive and business-centric approach to data conversations and activation.

Advance your businesses performance.

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Rapid Discovery

A rapid interrogation of your business processes, data quality and technology systems against your business objectives.

You already know or suspect there is a problem but are not sure what the exact nature of the issue is, or how to resolve it. Send us a slice of your data, walk us through a business process or share with us an unwieldy report (or even spreadsheet) and we will provide an initial analysis for free.

Or experience and proprietary software tools enable us to rapidly ingest, interrogate and visualise your data to make it contextually relevant to you and your business. As a first step, we may not give you the answer, but we will definitely help you better understand what questions you should be asking.

This stage includes:

  • Assisting to identify the key problem the organisation or stakeholder is having, such as;
    – Lack of clarity
    – System or process inefficiency
    – Business underperformance
  • Interrogate the process or data to extract insights and actions
  • Report intelligence and actions in a visual manner that enables better discussion

Strategy Development

Most organisations are paying to generate, collect and store data yet invest nothing to derive meaningful insights from that data. This means you are very likely missing out on opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs or improve operational/ organisational efficiency.

We work with our clients to assist them to get the most value from their data by constructing a Strategy that outlines:

  • Data quality issues/improvements
  • Identification of technical systems or services improvements
  • Identification of process improvements
  • Prioritised investment and/or solution recommendations
  • Data visualisations to facilitate instant contextual understanding of organisational data


This stage brings to life the new opportunities identified through the discover and strategy work. We focus on transforming your data or processes into fresh commercial outcomes and/or operational efficiencies. This is a comprehensive program that can involve:

  • An organsisation wide review of data practices against strategic objectives
  • A full semantic mapping of your organisations systems and services
  • A review of key stakeholders at different levels of the organisation to identify process improvements and data handling processes and procedures
  • Best practices identification and implementation for data usage
  • Data strategy development and ongoing optimisation
  • Potential implementation of system and service improvements relating to data capture, data quality improvement, reporting and analytical insights
  • Potential development of new software solutions to open up new product opportunities or improve and existing organisation pain point