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We deliver fast and accurate
information for today’s

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We map out the process to
ensure data becomes a
valued resource.

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We simplify data complexities,
generating new and fast insight
and opportunities.

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We are a Sydney based, business transformation consultancy, specialising in enterprise intelligence, data analytics and the development of new technology solutions.

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We employ a partner mindset to all of the relationships we forge with clients, placing people, not technology at the centre.

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Our product suite can assist in transforming your data or business processes into sensible and logical language, providing quick insights and new solutions.

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Delivering data insights and smart software solutions for your business.
We strive to deliver high-impact, cost-effective practical solutions to deliver insight and value throughout any stage of your digital transformation.

A rapid interrogation of your business processes, data quality and technology systems against your business objectives.

By rapidly prototyping potential solutions and outcomes, we work with you to construct a Technology and Data Strategy to match your business needs.

Finally, we work with you to transform your data or processes into fresh commercial opportunities and/or operational efficiencies.


Vector 5 helped us roadmap a digital solution for the here and now, and into the future, presenting a picture for developers of a platform that filters and publishes content across numerous topics of interest and user groups. They delivered. I highly recommend working with the team at Vector 5.

Lyndal Stuart
Head of Marketing Communications, Good2Give

Vector 5 established a learning analytics service that ranged from small to large scale deployment, leveraging appropriate cloud based architectures and affordances. The service acted in many ways as the glue holding the other disparate systems together into a unified and supported end-to-end workflow chain.

Patrick Stoddart
Formerly Head of Educational Technology, UNSW Sydney

Vector 5 have been a pleasure to work with on our product development journey. They possess a valuable combination of technical and business skills, collaborating well with our team to extend the vision for what’s possible. A genuine partner in our business success.

Natasha Hawker
Director, Employee Matters Pty Ltd